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We offer a wide range of high quality brands of machine screws, self tapping screws, self drilling screws and other special type of screws in stainless steel with brand named, MOTSON FATENERS to our customers. We use quality material, equipment and latest techniques in the production processes. We also have quality check inspectors, who follow wire and etc.

We are offering following to our clients:

  • Machine Screw, Self Tapping Screws
  • Truss Head Screw
  • Button Head Screw
  • Cheese Head Screw
  • CSK Slotted Screw
  • CSK Phillips Head Screw
  • PAN Phillips Head Screw
  • Slotted Round Head Screw
  • PAN Combination Screw
  • Drywall Screw

Quality Confrintation

"Hogh quality" is an indispensable element of our working system. For our international standard product range, we have achieved the ISO 9001:2008 certification. We have a separate quallity assurace unit fully equipped with high tech machineries. This unit is administered by skilled and professional quality inspectors, who check the products during every stage of production. Moreover, we have also developed a renowned vendor base to source high quality material. The final delivery process of our products to our clients is also carried out under strict vigilance of our quality inspectors. They check the quality of the end products on the end products on the basis of following parameters:

Pan Philips Self Tapping Screw (DIN-7981)
CSK Philips Self Tapping Screw (DIN-7982)
Drywall Screw
PAN Head Self Tapping Screws (DIN-7971)
CSK Head Self Tapping Screws (DIN-7972)
Truss Head Machine Screws
CSK Philips Head Wood Screw (DIN-7997)
Six Lobs Machine Screws & Self Tapping Screws
Slotted Cheese Head Machine Screws (DIN-84)
CSK Philips Machine Screws (DIN-965)
PAN Philips Machine Screws (DIN-7985)
PAN Combination & Washer Machine Screws
Button Head Socket Machine Screws (DIN-7380)
Flet (CSK) Head Socket Machine Screws (DIN-7991)

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